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How to choose your first microphone

🎤How to choose your first microphone🎤

💵Buying your first microphone is like buying your first car, they all run, but they don't all meet the same needs.

To choose a microphone, we must first establish what our needs are?

- What sound source do I want to record?

- Do I need something versatile?

- What other applications do I see for this microphone?

Then you have to establish your 💵budget💵:

- Between 200 and 500 dollars, I already have many choices, but nothing really professional

- Between 500 and 1.000 dollars, we are in a price range closer to a microphone capable of fulfilling several roles

- Between 1.000 and 2.000 dollars, we are in the more professional range, with a large choice of different types of microphones

- 2,000 and over 💸, we are entering the professional range with a much wider choice

What kind of 🎙microphone best suits my needs?

1- Dynamic, tolerates more intense level variations, less sensitive to surrounding noise, less precise in terms of signal capture

2- Condenser, requires phantom power 👻, more sensitive to noise, more accurate in capturing a sound, better control of frequency response, often allows changing the polar pattern of the diaphragm

3- Ribbon, less accurate in high frequencies, very fragile, some models break if phantom power is applied 👻💀, not suitable for all sources

4- Tube condenser, as for the condenser, they are more sensitive, they come with an external power supply, produce harmonic distortion thanks to their tube circuit

After having filtered all this information, it would be wise to make a list and test all the microphones to get a better idea and make the right purchase. Ask around you!

MORE information to come with my TOP microphone’s choices and how they sound.

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